Do you suffer from:


Shopping anxiety, fashion overspending, impulse purchasing, size shame, wardrobe over population, fast trend guilt?


The Eve Collective is the cure you seek, and we are open for business!


No more the hidden bank statements, the sale binge purchases that sit unworn and unloved in the back of your ‘drobe, done with the costly wedding outfit which shall be worn but once, ended the 6 monthly bin bag haul of un-worns heading to the charity shop, finished the guilt of fast fashion purchases at the cost of another’s well-being. All of these shopping hazards which, let’s face it, can seriously ruin the buzz of a damned fine fashion haul after a happy day shopping, are a thing of the past thanks to our brilliant new shopping system.


OK, yeah, it’s not quite a system yet, its more of a project right now, as you’ll know if you’ve been following my progress over the past few weeks. If you’re new to this, then please, join in. I’m looking to test this little platform which will revolutionise the way we shop (humble beginnings and all that), the ambition is sound: change the world, provide small businesses and sustainable brands a new route to market, and our customers access to cruelty free fashion of the highest quality at a fraction of its retail cost. Accidentally generating a longer lifespan for quality fashion pieces, meaning less waste, less landfill, and obviously saving the planet (I’m with you Extinction Rebellion)!


To test how this platform works, I’m offering the service for free. It goes like this:


  1. Visit us at:

  1. Browse our selection of beautiful designer one offs, vintage star buys and jewellery.

  1. Add your favourite two pieces to the basket.


  1. Check out (no payment required, just complete your order details).


  1. Receive your order.


  1. Wear your items/love them/photograph them/wash (instructions inc.) & return them (all postage will be pre-paid and included in your order).

  1. Join us at: share your experience/thoughts/photographs, and be ahead of the queue as The Eve Collective evolves into the future of fashion consumption.


  1. Also there may be a cheeky questionnaire to complete at the end of your experience. But that’s it; no cost, no drama, no hassle.


Seriously, free designer fashion and accessories, you are welcome!


You need asking twice?


Didn’t think so, see you at The Eve Collective.


Ready, Steady…….SHOP!!!!!!!