The Eve Collective – the new way to wear

The Eve Collective is an online community and rental platform. Our collections are curated from Local designers, Sustainable creatives and hand-picked Vintage clothes and accessories, to bring you exclusive, original  and sustainable fashion for a fraction of the cost of buying. Each piece is transparently sourced, so you can find out exactly where your garment is from. Guilt free shopping, as garments are constantly re-shared with other community users.

This is a test  prototype, and we are not taking orders at the moment. Please email us for more information, or follow us on social media. We will let you know when we launch.

How the collective works?

Browse our shop, select your  favourite styles, borrow, wear and return, for us to sort and re-loan to other members of the community.


Look at it this way; what if someone was keeping score? What if God was a gender neutral, all powerful counter of the moral abacus in the sky? What if we are literally held responsible for the damage of every action we engage in? How many points would you lose with one fast fashion t-shirt, or an apple whose origins are not your own organic back garden? Literally everything we do know have a messy immorality attached to it at some point, what if the mess was so murky that even Mother Teresa couldn’t even make it to the Good Place? It makes perfect sense to me.

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Fiona at Spindrift

As a designer, I get great exposure for my products, and I’m helping to save the planet. What’s not to like about this idea?

Fiona at Spindrift

Oh my god, why is this not already a thing? We rent films and music all the time; why don’t we think about clothes in the same way? I’m convinced a shift is coming in the way we view clothes. I love your philosophy.


I wanted to buy more eco-minded brands but had no idea where to look. Now I have access to great selection in one place. This really is a great new way to shop.



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